Westbury Hill PressA Message For Tuqa

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A Message For Tuqa When a muslim sets off on the straight path he can be overwhelmed with the amount of information available and be left confused by divergent and sometimes controversial opinions.
Originally written by the author for his daughter, this book helps clear the confusion. It provides guidance on how to approach the huge body of knowledge presented to the muslim, understand why opinions diverge, and helps the seeker to keep focussed on the priorities.

arabicreader.netA Website to Help Reading Arabic

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The website arabicreader.net eases the reading of arabic texts and web sites by allowing the reader to simply click on any arabic word to look up its meaning in English. This greatly accelerates the acquisition of new vocabulary which is one of the biggest obstacles to mastering arabic. Registered users can also upload and share arabic documents to read.

If a word is not yet in the arabicreader.net database then registered users can add the new word. I am hoping that this will lead to the system functioning as a large dictioanry of arabic words. Already there are around 2000 words entered in the system.

I am also aiming to host many classic texts for learners of arabic such as qisas annabiyyeen. The site will then function as an extremely useful resource for intermediate and advanced learners of arabic.

Torque GeometricAn Islamic Geometric Live Wallpaper for Android

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KPrayertimeIslamic Prayertimes

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The application kprayertime provides the local islamic prayer times in a (I hope) visually attractive and innovative way.

The user enters their latitude and longitude and also selects the algorithm to use (Egyptian General Authority of Survey, Islamic Society of North America, University of Islamic Sciences in Karachi etc.). The program shows the times across a semicircle with the use of colour to indicate daylight.

KPrayertime is primarily designed to work as a KDE4 (Linux) applet, but it can also be run under Windows.

KayaliSymbolic Algebra

The mathematics program Kayali is a front end to Maxima and allows the user to evaluate algebraic expressions etc. Workings can be saved to PDF format.

Worth a MentionAn Occasional Blog

When I feel like penning my thoughts I post them at worthamention.wordpress.com